The Dragon’s Den is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization located in a stunning historic building that is home to Pittsburgh’s most innovative programs for children (K-12) of different backgrounds and abilities.

We believe in the preservation of our history, architecture, and past as an inspiration to build proud, strong, and community-oriented young adults.

Our Board

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

The Dragon’s Den’s Board is supported by a cadre of very enthusiastic trustees who believe the world and our communities can be improved by people like you. We have a variety of backgrounds and abilities, including corporate CEOs, educators, engineers, and marketing, sales, accounting, and public relations professionals. Our passion is to use our abilities and determination to make the Dragon’s Den dream a reality – a beacon of what is possible in Pittsburgh.

Our Partners

Who Supported Us from the Beginning

The Dragon’s Den is an ambitious project that would not be possible without the help and support of many people, organizations, and businesses that believed in us and in our founders from the start.

A deep thank you to the following people and organizations who have publicly expressed their support:

  • Mrs. Betty Esper, Mayor of Homestead Borough
  • Mr. Lloyd Cunningham, and the whole Homestead Borough Council
  • Mr. Edward Wehrer, Superintendent of Steel Valley School District
  • Mrs. Josephine B. Moore, Co-Founder & President, Emerita The Neighborhood Academy
  • Mr. Jonathan M. Cuniak, Principal of St. Therese School – Munhall, PA
  • Sr. Lynn Rettinger, Principal of Sacred Heart School -Shadyside, PA
  • Mrs. Cathrine Lesko, President of Steel Valley Enterprise Zone Corporation
  • Mrs. Hilda Pang Fu, Founder and President, Luminari, a 501(c)(3) founded to “foster activities that broaden minds, inspire innovations, and promote community engagement.”
  • Mrs. C. Lesko, Licensed Supervisor of R.V. Anderson Funeral Home, Inc. – Munhall, PA
  • Mrs. Denise Kelly and Mary Ellen, friends of Homestead


…and many, many individuals from Homestead, PA, in particular, a special thanks to Mrs Paula Glancy, the crossing guard that works at St. Mary Magdalene’s corner and sends us inspirational texts each morning. 🙂

Our Benefactors

Businesses with a Dragon’s Heart

Thank you for the following businesses that generously contributed time, services, and donations:

  • Sr. Melanie di Pietro Esq. – Sister of Charity. Thank you for all your hard probono work!
  • Lucio and Patrizia – Parco Avventura Resinelli. Thank you dear friends!
  • Valentina Piccolo – Structural Engineer and Architect – Thank you for your stunning 3D rendering of our Dragon’s Den!.
  • Fagnelli Heating and Cooling – The best partner our founders could have for such a massive project!
  • Levin Furniture – For donating our furniture. Thanks to you, we will be the most elegant and comfortable 501(c)(3) organization in the area!
  • Berner International – Thank you for providing the air curtains at our entrance to keep us warm!
  • I -Squared, Inc – Thank you for taking care of all our IT challenges!
  • BoardBookit – Thank you for the best board portal software a nonprofit could dream of!
  • DePardo Baldacci – Thank you for supporting us in all our accounting needs!
  • Goldberg, Kamin, and Garvin – Thank you for supporting our first steps!
  • Jim Watson Engineering – Thank you for sharing your immense experience with us!
  • Barth Olds Engineering Consultants, Inc – Thank you for supporting us!
  • RSSC Architecture – Thank you for the excellent work!
  • GH Roofing – Thank you for keeping us dry!
  • Imagebox – Thank you for your patience and support!